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Building a pipeline of talent

Upskilling new talent

Developing existing talent 

A uniquely different partner 

We gain a deep understanding of your business and architect people-transformation solutions for you. We work side-by-side with you and your team to make your skills transformation a reality, all with the minimum of fuss and effort from you.  

Diversified Programmes


Programmes with the strongest diversity stats you’ll see

Career starters

Gen Z community

Gen Z

A buzzing and eager Gen Z community which continues to grow 


Business ready talent

Work-Ready Talent For Vacancy

Talent matching

 Using AI technology to match work-ready talent to vacancies 



Time to productivity


Accelerating productivity for new hires 

Costs Reduction

Cut costs 

Reducing the costs of failed hires by getting the right people in first time

Exclusive partnerships with the likes of Google

Partnerships with global giants

Working with top tech companies including Google 

Digital learning courses unveiled by Avado in partnership with Google

Accelerating your ROI on talent

Our solutions boost your ROI as market insights show the impact new hires, productivity and the changing market have on your organisation.

 Time impact

Hiring a new team member can take up to 10 weeks


Cost impact

Hiring is expensive. Plus, only 19% deemed outright successful hires

Productivity impact

8 months lost productivity until the replacement reaches proficiency

The Great Resignation

85% of organisations report challenges in retaining their talent

Our partnering approach accelerates impact

We’re all about impact. Skills and behaviour change drive our learning solutions but they mean nothing if they aren’t directly impacting business priorities.   

Better and sustainable impact comes when we collaborate closely with clients. Getting to know their uniqueness means we can drive change more quickly and more effectively.   

How we do this 


  • Surface insights into relevant business priorities
  • Identify upskilling priorities and barriers to change
  • Engage with 5-10 business stakeholders
  • Package insights to help our clients engage their stakeholders better
  • Support scale transformation


  • Re-shape learning experiences to allow upskilling at scale whist remaining relevant to the organisation
  • Ensure the purpose of the learning is clear, and relevant to their current situation
  • Identify where learning can be applied immediately to address live business challenges
  • Celebrate learner success to sustain motivation and communicate value to the business


  • Agreed success metrics to measure impact
  • Tangible results and success stories to make the impact of learning famous
  • Access to an ever-growing community to provide fresh perspectives and ongoing transformation

Upcoming events

Generative AI and the impact to HR teams and workforce planning | Webinar, 28th March 2023

with Lee Arthur, CEO of Avado

As a forward-thinking HR leader, it's important to stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology, particularly when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. With AI-driven tools, HR professionals are able to streamline workforce planning, prediction, and management for an increasingly mobile and dynamic workforce. We're excited to partner with Contetnive to explore how Generative AI can revolutionize the way HR teams operate - we'll be delving into the topic in-depth to ensure you and your team are able to fully harness the power of this cutting-edge technology.

Recent events

How will Gen-AI disrupt Apprenticeships | Webinar - 16th March 2023

with Max Jones, Managing Partner Health at Agilisys, Ben Rowland, Managing Director Studio 3, hosted by Simon Baker, Enterprise Client Director at Avado

Closing the Digital Skills Gap without breaking the bank | Webinar - 7th March 2023

with Natalie Pierre-Davis, Commercial Director at FastFutures

The digital skills gap is an ever-growing problem across the globe, with many businesses struggling to find the talent they need to stay current in the ever-evolving digital space. Understanding how you can reskill and upskill employees are essential during difficult times and can certainly help your company best utilise the talent they already have. During this webinar we will take a look at the various solutions businesses can take advantage of to recruit digital talent, upskill their workforce, and diversify their talent without breaking the bank.

Generative AI Accelerator for Senior Leaders - February 2023

Launching in February 2023, this 4-hour in depth workshop will explore Generative-AI use cases, including how to increase the pace of execution, reduce costs, legal and ethical considerations involved.
Invite only event for FastFutures clients and community.

FastFutures Employer Dinner | BT Tower - February 2023

Join us as we recap the many FastFutures stories from 2022, and outline our mission for 2023 and onwards.
Invite only event for FastFutures clients and community.