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Solving business challenges

Customers are almost all online - accessible anywhere, anytime. On top of this, their needs are constantly changing. This means marketers need to use the right channels to communicate the right message at the right time.

Successful marketers are those who are experts in the latest digital trends and channels and not afraid to adapt their methods.


Automating activities creates human adjustments to campaign performance.

This adds 15% on top of the technology drive improvement

Digital Marketing Accelerator

Attract new customers and keep current ones

  • Develop the confidence to understand data, tools and techniques

Experts in digital

  • Become experts in how to make the most of the latest digital channels.

Fundamental business skills

  • Equip career starters with basic business skills

Our programmes will: 

  • Help build and implement superior digital campaigns across a range of digital platforms  
  • Pinpoint where customers are on their purchase journey and help understand their intent  
  • Expand the skills of entry-level marketers, freeing up more experienced team members

We're Google endorsed

We’ve worked with Google throughout our digital marketing journey – from placing the first digital marketing apprentices at Google UK HQ to developing our digital marketing solutions including the award-winning Squared Online programme for marketers. So you can be confident you’ll get a learning experience that reflects how the world works.  


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