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Unlock real business value from data

In a world when data is everywhere, your people need to feel confident and capable to use, interpret and tell stories with data.

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Solving business challenges

Less than a quarter of people working in data are able to unlock its genuine value. With AI, machine learning and robotics becoming part of everyday life, successful businesses need to upskill  people across their organisations to be data literate.

What's more, they need  people who can not only interpret data but use data insights to drive real, valuable change.

Lack of data skills are creating business inefficiencies


of companies are wasting time due to lack of processes


are failing to reach new customer segments


are inefficient when making decisions


are facing eroding margins

Our solutions

Data Skills Accelerator

Data fundamentals anyone and everyone in your organisation could benefit from. This is not just something for your data function. 

Microsoft accredited

Data Partner

Supporting your data function to become the engine room of your organisation, storytelling with data in a way everyone can understand. 

BCS and Tableau accredited 

Data Scientist

Develop data experts you can rely on who understand data in the context of your business and market.

In partnership with University of Buckingham

Our programmes will


Give your people the ability to do more with data, taking action based on complex business information

  • Data-led decision-making: Decisions backed by robust data, not instinct alone
  • Single source of truth: Clarity created though unified data, telling consistent and coherent stories
  • Data accuracy: Operational efficiency boosted by consistent, complete and reliable data


Enable confident decision-making through data analysis and data know-how

  • Automation: Reducing time-consuming / low value-add tasks through automation
  • Innovation: Identifying opportunities to innovate and improve on product development, processes and reporting
  • Better access to information: Improved dashboarding and reporting capability to extend access to data
  • Predictive Analytics: Increased ability to predict future trends and outcomes, improving margin and reducing risks


Drive your data strategy forward through experienced leaders, getting the most out of the data across the organisation

  • Leadership & Strategy: Based on insightful, reliable data
  • Problem solving & reducing risk: Fix long-standing business problems and operate more effectively
  • Creating a data culture: Embedding a data culture across the organisation and baselining and improving data maturity for impact
  • Translating business problems: Connecting to the wider business functions to support their data needs

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