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Kaitlin Mitchell: A people professional and apprentice on the importance of data in her field

Kaitlin Mitchell

For RSA Insurance Human Resources consultant, Kaitlin Mitchell, data was always something she had a keen interest in, but she wasn’t sure how to go about learning more. So, when her manager suggested a data apprenticeship, she immediately saw the value it could have.

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So, Kaitlin began the Data Analyst apprenticeship with Avado, and began applying her learning to her role straight away.

On her apprenticeship experience and people data

Although Kaitlin did have a solid foundation when it came to data, she knew there was room for growth. With Excel skills, for example, she knew how to use advanced formulas, but she didn’t have experience with other programmes that could help her better manage people data, like R Studio.

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Kaitlin also worked on a predicting attrition project, and she was able to forecast different factors to see what stood out when it came to why people were leaving the business.

While Kaitlin was excited for more formal data learning, she wasn’t sure at the beginning if the Data Analyst apprenticeship was right for her. “I loved data, but this was focused more on data analysis in general, rather than focusing on people analytics,” she said. “But along the way, it kind of fell into place.”

She used her own creativity to come up with projects that combined people and data analytics in a useful way. “Everything is possible, you just need to be able to explore the opportunities.” Kaitlin said.

On how her apprenticeship has impacted her role at RSA

Through working on her data apprenticeship, Kaitlin’s confidence has improved, and she’s now able to present technical data and explain it in a simplified way to key stakeholders. “Before, I used to be a bit unsure about myself,” she said. “But during the apprenticeship, by learning what I have, I know that I’m doing the right thing.”

Kaitlin quickly became a data champion on her team, creating dashboards to better analyse people data, and being the main point of contact for any queries and reporting. After demonstrating those data capabilities, Kaitlin was promoted in January of this year. She is now a People Insights Consultant, and although it’s challenging, she enjoys combining her two interests in her day-to-day role.

Kaitlin is now a huge advocate for apprenticeships and encourages everyone to take on this kind of learning. Kaitlin said:

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Kassie De Souza

Posted March 3, 2022