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What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are six-week courses that boost your employability by developing your digital skills. At the end of the course, you’re then fast-tracked into a guaranteed interview.

The bootcamps are part of the Government's Lifetime Skills Guarantee, an initiative designed to teach people skills for life.

They’ve been specifically created for adults who want to upskill quickly and gain in-demand digital abilities such as data analysis and digital marketing.


Our Skills Bootcamps

Digital Marketer Bootcamp

Learn digital marketing skills such as customer centricity, digital channel and technology, google analytics and attribution.



Become more employable in just 6 weeks, FOR FREE!

Data Analyst (Fundamentals) Bootcamp

Learn data skills such as data visualisation and storytelling, Power BI and data analysis.

Gain Microsoft Power BI Associate certification

Become more employable in just 6 weeks, FOR FREE!

Data Analyst (Advanced) Bootcamp

Learn advanced data skills such as data analysis and forecasting, databases (SQL), Agile, JIRA, Git, Python.

Gain Entry-Level Python Programmer certification

Become more employable in just 6 weeks, FOR FREE!

Who are Skills Bootcamps for?

To sign up for a fully funded place on a Skills Bootcamp, you must be:

  • Age 19+
  • Eligible to live and work England
  • Either:

o   Looking to progress in your current sector
o   Looking to change jobs or explore a new industry
o   Currently employed or self-employed and looking for a new challenge
o   Recently unemployed and actively searching for work


  • 6 weeks
  • 60 hours guided learning
  • Must commit to approx 10 hours of live online guided learning a week
  • Additional self-paced learning (optional)


Completely FREE for learners!
If you’re taking the course yourself, and not through your employer, and as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, Skills Bootcamps are fully funded by the Government.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve scheduled multiple options for each live session, including Saturdays, to be as flexible as possible. You’ll be able to pick and choose which time slots work best for you each week.

If you’re keen on a career in data, but you don’t have much data experience yet, we’d suggest applying to Data Analyst (Fundamentals) instead of Data Analyst (Advanced). And the Digital Marketer Bootcamp could be great for someone who wants to explore the data analytics side of marketing, such as Search Engine Optimisation. You can learn more about the programmes here: https://www.fastfutures.com/for-individuals/skills-bootcamps/

We’ve been overwhelmed with the number of applications we’ve received and we’re working through these as quickly as we can, while ensuring we spend enough time on each application to fairly assess the candidate’s eligibility and suitability.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be asked to sign an Enrolment Agreement and to securely provide us with a copy of your ID. This helps us meet our compliance checks more quickly so we can get an answer to you as soon as possible.

If you need to contact us regarding your application, please email Skillsbootcamps@avadolearning.com and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

Thank you for your patience!

The kick-off session with take place at 11am on Monday 24th October. Beyond this, there are options for every other session, so you’ll be able to determine your own timetable. The dates and times for these sessions will be shared with you soon after you’ve been offered a spot on the Bootcamp.

Yes, this is a requirement from the Department for Education and is important for embedding the learning in an interactive environment with your peers.

Yes, to make it clearer for potential applicants, the Skills for Life Bootcamps called Data Literacy is now Data Analyst (Fundamentals). The programmed called Data Analyst is now named Data Analyst (Advanced).

About us

Avado are all about people-powered transformation. Each course is built and delivered by subject matter experts and dedicated learning designers. We break our content down into bite-sized chunks, to make the learning process as efficient as possible.

We’re providing a range of Skills Bootcamps for the Department for Education (DfE) which will help hundreds of learners connect with organisations across England.

Read the full privacy notice for the DfE Skills Bootcamps here.


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