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June News Roundup

Throughout June there was still a big emphasis in the press on the impact of Coronavirus and how business must adapt to ensure their survival.

HR Magazine did a feature about employees losing confidence in leaders throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Our Chief People Officer, Dean Corbett spoke with them"Our qualitative feedback suggests our people are very satisfied with the level of transparency, frequency of leadership communications, and how we have pivoted the organisation. This direct feedback informs us that we are taking the right actions, but we’re also focusing on what more we can do to meet the human needs of our people (examples include where we work, the hours we work and the ways we work going forward.) 

It is imperative that the sense of belonging our people enjoyed when we were office-based is recreated in a virtual workspace, as well as how we manage performance, personal growth and development." 

Our Chief Technology Officer, Mike Fenna also spoke with IDG Connect about how companies can continue to invest in tech despite a squeeze on funds and how it’s vital more than ever for all businesses to continue on their journey of digital transformation. He said "Suppliers are offering very good deals at the moment, so people should be bold when negotiating pricing, financial terms and other conditionsDon't hesitate to get creative - many suppliers are happy to discuss options such as profit or revenue share, where the bulk, or sometimes all, of the payment only happens when the benefits are delivered." 

Small Business also did a feature on what help is available to small business during the pandemic. Avado was mentioned in regard to our 36 hours of free online learning courses on topics such as leadership and change management.