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Data Analyst Apprenticeship Community Launch

Last week, Avado, the professional academy, hosted an event to commemorate the launch of our brand new Data Analyst Apprenticeship Community. Hosted by Google Masterclass facilitator Simon McCaskill and special guest John Pritchard from Accelerate People, the aim of this event was to introduce a data community that encourages life-long learning, networking, and idea sharing as it relates data in government and public sector.

Inspired by data for those in data, this is the first of many events bringing past and present learners together from the DA4 and DA7 apprenticeship programmes who are working in government and public sector.

The event covered an array of topics to support learners as they progress through their learning journey in data:

  • Working towards the best outcomes and highest achievement through an apprenticeship
  • The apprenticeship journey through to end-point assessment
  • Distinction, and what it means long-term
  • The importance of continuous learning, networking and collaboration

In the spirit of the event, John Pritchard, Co-founder of Accelerate People, spoke about the importance of continuous learning through collaboration and networking with other learners, managers and employers.

Would you be interested in learning more about the importance of life-long learning and Avado apprenticeship programmes? Get in touch today.