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Launching the UK’s first Generative AI training

Training includes a Generative-AI Skills bootcamp, new Generative-AI focused modules for Data & Digital Apprenticeships and the Digital Career Accelerator Bootcamp. Kicking-off with a workshop for senior leaders and a series of live webinars over February 2023!  
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FastFutures Generative AI Training

Generative AI Accelerator for Senior Leaders

Invite only event for FastFutures clients and community.

Launching in February 2023, this 4-hour in depth workshop will explore Generative-AI use cases, including how to increase the pace of execution, reduce costs, legal and ethical considerations involved.

Generative AI Skills Bootcamp

Invite only event for FastFutures clients and community.

Latest addition to FastFutures of Avado’s skills bootcamps. Designed to teach individuals the skills and knowledge needed to work with generative AI technology across a variety of roles and industries.

How FastFutures is harnessing Generative AI

FastFutures is creating new training material focusing on Generative AI applications across its courses using the technology internally across several use cases to increase capability and delivery. This includes the using generative AI to create customized training materials that are tailored to the specific individual learner needs, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its training. FastFutures is excited to announce the development of a virtual coaching app based on Chat GPT and trained on its unique learning materials and delivery practice, which will be available in beta to select group of apprentices in mid-Feb 2023. FastFutures draws on the expertise of Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading digital venture builder, for access to the latest insights and expertise of its AI Advisory Board and wider network of digital businesses.

Generative AI is transforming businesses today

Generative AI, also known as generative models, is a type of AI that uses machine learning algorithms to create new and unique outputs, such as text, images, or music. This technology is transforming businesses today by allowing companies to automate tasks, create new products and services, and improve the efficiency of their operations. 

One of the main ways that generative AI is being used in businesses is to generate new content and designs. This technology can be used to create personalised and targeted marketing campaigns, automate tasks such as data analysis and decision-making.

This can help businesses to make better decisions and improve their operations, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings. Due to its far reaching use cases, estimates suggest that the global generative AI market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 63.8% from 2020 to 2025, reaching a value of $4.4 billion by 2025.  

About FastFutures

FastFutures are all about people-powered transformation. Each course is built and delivered by subject matter experts and dedicated learning designers. We break our content down into bite-sized chunks, to make the learning process as efficient as possible. 

We’re excited to be launching Generative AI training for our learners across a range of programmes, and supporting individuals and businesses on their digital transformation journey.