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FastFutures Programme

The FastFutures programme is like no other. We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s biggest and most innovative employers to give you experience of the workplace through:

  1. Mentoring
  2. FastTalks
  3. Team projects
  4. Virtual employer meets

This summer, we're bringing you a 6 week supercharged programme packed with all the practical skills that employers really need!

You’ll dive into data, marketing, finance, innovation and teamwork, plus learn about the importance of diversity in teams.

Find out more about the course modules below.

What will I learn?

In just 6 weeks you’ll learn the practical skills that employers really need. You’ll dive into data, marketing, finance, innovation and teamwork, plus learn about the importance of diversity in teams.

Some of the UK’s leading employers support you along the way with:

  • Mentoring from business experts
  • Exclusive ‘day in the life’ sessions with our partners
  • Business challenges and projects
  • Guidance on building a standout CV
  • Advice on how to demonstrate your skills and be your best self in interviews

If you successfully complete the 6 -week course, you’ll become a FastFutures Graduate, with a certificate to use on your CV and LinkedIn – signed by the CBI and Avado – which highlights all the new skills you’ve learnt.

On top of the certificate and all the skills you’ll learn, you’ll also become part of the FastFutures alumni community group and get exclusive access to our jobs board.

FastFutures core modules

Here are the units you’ll cover, and what you’ll be able to do by the end of each one:

Unit 1: Getting Started

You’ll start off with an introduction to the course modules, giving you everything you need to get stuck in and succeed on the programme. 

You’ll also get an opportunity to meet your fellow learners, online.

Unit 2: Unlocking the power of digital and data

You’ll learn how to

  • Make decisions and take action based on data
  • Avoid some common biases when using data
  • Incorporate diversity and inclusion into your data collection, analysis and reporting activities
  • Create basic data visualisations to bring data to life
  • Carry out basic data analysis using a spreadsheet

Unit 3: Marketing made easy

You’ll learn how to

  • Take a ‘customer -first’ approach, using data and models to map customer needs
  • Come up with plans to reach your audience at different stages in their journeys
  • Use a blend of different channels when planning marketing campaigns

Unit 4: Finance fundamentals

You’ll learn how to

  • Interpret basic financial statements to assess an organisation’s financial health
  • Use unit economics to assess the costs of a product or service
  • Apply different investment techniques to decide if a business idea is worthwhile

Unit 5: Working with great teams

You’ll learn how to

  • Apply your emotional and social intelligence to keep good working relationships with colleagues
  • Develop your understanding of what motivates people
  • Develop your leadership style, with strategies for building trust and handling conflict

Unit 6: Adapt and Innovate

You’ll learn how to

  • Use a customer-driven mindset to adopt a rapid approach to product design and planning
  • Test your ideas and adapt quickly based on data and feedback
  • Use Agile techniques to help keep a project on-track
  • Use Agile techniques to help keep a project on-track

How the application process works

Diversity & Inclusion is also at the heart of everything we do and the programme is designed to take a completely unbiased approach. We’re more interested in your natural characteristics, personality traits and how you think in different situations.

No CVs, no interviews, just a simple online scenario-based assessment and the opportunity to get the tools you need to get your career off the ground.

If you’re aged 18-24, have the right to live and work in the UK and will invest 10 hours a week to invest in making yourself a top candidate, apply now. You’ll be first in the know when applications open over summer for a September start.

Nicole Samo Gudo

“When I came across FastFutures, I was really anxious about my future, as I was graduating that summer and didn’t feel like I had any experience, and I had an internship cancelled. I really enjoyed having a mentor for advice as Richard reassured me, I was on the right track and really helped me to re-frame my CV and showed me the skills I had but didn’t know were important. Being from Mozambique originally, I loved meeting people from parts of the UK I didn’t even know existed! I am so much more comfortable now and it has been so helpful in removing my anxiety in talking to new people.” 

Luvian Sheng Wang

“The main attraction to FastFutures is the diversity of content, e.g. digital, finance and marketing. Doing Philosophy, Politics and Economics, I would never learn these skills from my degree, so it’s so useful when applying to jobs”.  

“I feel like FastFutures opened up a door for me to have access to all this knowledge that I wouldn’t necessarily have invested my time into. For example, I am now definitely interested in marketing – it’s fascinating. I now know I want to apply to BT’s Graduate Scheme. I never thought I’d do anything marketing related, and definitely never thought I’d apply to BT. I thought I wanted to do hotel management! This FastFutures internship opened up my mind to different possibilities and to BT and all the different things they do.” 

Samantha O-Gabriel

“I left education after my A-Levels where I took the apprenticeship route and became a Finance apprentice. Unfortunately, my apprenticeship got cut short due to Covid, so I was looking for the next productive and lucrative opportunity. I applied because the program covers a module in finance, and I wanted to learn more about finance as that is my desired career. I was also looking to develop my existing skills and work on building a rapport with people virtually as that is most definitely important in today’s world. The program has given me opportunity to speak at an international women’s day panel discussion and the FastFutures graduation. Gaining confidence in new skills such as innovative thinking is a key highlight as I never thought that would be a useful skill in finance. It also goes without saying but having a lovely mentor, who I am so grateful for, was also a key highlight.”