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Data Literacy Modules

At the heart of all strong cultures, there is a common language and viewpoint. The same goes for data. Get your people excited about the possibilities data brings with bite-sized modules developed by Avado, in partnership with Tableau.

See data differently

Through this programme, learners will become familiar with the language and concepts associated with data. The 30-minute modules will help them become well-versed in all things data at a time when understanding data has never been more important. Get your whole team learning no matter where they are, and start to unlock the power of your business's data.

What are the modules?

Fitting learning into your team's busy schedule is easy with this programme. Sharpen their data literacy skills in short, effective bursts as they work through bite-sized activities in six different areas of data. See below for what's covered...

How does it work?

It’s fun and interactive. Each module is 30 minutes long and packed with videos, quizzes and knowledge checks designed to help your team remember what they've learned.

How do I get started?

Choose the right people in your business to get to grips with data for a year. We’ll run a launch webinar to kick-start them on the journey and send you a monthly progress report showing how engaged they are so you can keep track.

Looking for something more?

Our Data Champions programme is a more intensive, eight-week experience that combines webinars, classes and the Data Literacy modules. Reach out to us and find out which one is right for your team.

The modules we'll cover

This module shows how data is transforming the customer experience. It also addresses how you can position yourself to utilize the power of data.

Learning outcomes:

  • Provide examples of how data and technology are being used to transform daily life, customer experiences and organisations
  • Identify different ways data can be used to improve everyday working across a variety of business sectors
  • Identify ways to be data-driven

This module demonstrates how to bring data to life in a compelling way when sharing with others.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recall how your message can be enhanced through the tool of storytelling
  • Identify effective visual techniques to bring data to life through storytelling
  • Choose the most appropriate data story approach for your audience

This module provides an introduction to Data Science, including the challenges and steps involved when applying it to solve business problems.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explain the concept of data science and its value in solving business problems
  • Identify how different businesses are applying data science and the key challenges faced
  • Recognise the different roles and steps involved in applying data science to a business problem

This module demonstrates how to create impactful data visualisations to improve your communication of data insights.

Learning outcomes:

  • Outline the benefits of impactful visualisation and can consider the basic cognitive principles that apply
  • Identify ways to create clear data visualisations to improve communication
  • Explore ways to evaluate visuals for accuracy and audience impact

This module introduces data analysis as a way to create efficiencies and impact within your role.

Learning outcomes:

  • Outline the basics of data analysis and its role in business
  • Explain the process and skills involved in using data analysis in the business
  • Recognise how to start using data analysis effectively in their role

This module demonstrates a problem-solving process using data, and outlines how this approach can be utilized to create innovative solutions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Think creatively about solving problems with data
  • Outline how to solve problems with data by using a questioning process and finding relevant data
  • Recognise how to start thinking innovatively about data in their role

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