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Capability Audit

Find your business's digital skills gap with a capability audit

Test your capability

Not everyone is the same. We get it. What your organisation will need to improve will be different depending on many factors. Sometimes it’s the missing IT skillset or HR industry knowledge, sometimes it is the lack of data literacy and analysis.  

Whatever it may be, we have the programme for you. 

But before we start, let’s identify exactly what you need with our Capability Audit. 

How the Capability Audit works

The audit will start with understanding your business’ challenges and goals. And then identify where the skills gap lies. At the end of our audit you will be able to measure your business’ goals, know exactly where you face your challenges and with a little bit of our help, the tools to tackle them.  

From our report we will cover: 

  • Leadership and vision for your organisation. Does it align with your current skillset? 
  • An understanding of your culture. Is it ready for progression? 
  • Does your business have the right structure and support for learning. 

Who is the Capability Audit for?

The Capability Audit is suitable for a wide variety of organisations, including creative agencies, media owners and digital agencies.

  • C-Suite Executives: Those who need to future-proof the skill set of the organisation and ensure that strategic goals are met
  • Digital Directors: The digital leaders who need to achieve daily business performance measures
  • Human Resources: Those who need to ensure that the workforce’s skill sets are up to date
  • It is completed by everybody in the organisation, and so offers insights across each level of the business

What is covered in the Audit

  • Leadership and Vision – identify the barriers to developing and improving capability  
  • Culture – how important digital is within the organisation  
  • Process – Do you have the right structure to prepare for success  
  • Skills covered include – Mobile Marketing, Content Strategy, Programmtic & Ad Tech, Social, Ecommerce and D2C, CRM, Digital Design and UX, Search, Paid Media, Analytics, Web, Video, Digital Audience Planning, Digital Strategy & Digital Project Management