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Driving Digital Change

People can adapt to change; it happens all the time. Organisations adapting to change is harder. For that you need leaders who are equipped to make change happen, all the time.

Unlock a digital mindset and...

  • Create a culture to continually adapt
  • Realise your leaders' potential
  • Create lasting behavioural change
  • All fully virtual

Create ongoing adaptability

Equipping your leaders to not just adapt to change but to drive changewill transform the impact your organisation has on its customers and create the culture your business needs to continually adapt.  

This needs more than one-off training. We create lasting behavioural change and unlock your leaders’ potential through a connected learning experience which we prepare in collaboration with you, ensuring it’s relevant to your organisation. 

Our Driving Digital Change programme is designed to equip leaders to overcome the challenges of today’s constantly changing economy, including:

  • Shifting economic pressures, regulations and competitors, creating ambiguity and a shorter business planning cycle 
  • Evolving customer expectations being met with a rigid ‘customer-centric’ delivery model 
  • Working in an agile way across a siloed organisation
  • Data-driven decision-making that uses data selectively or out of context 
  • Company investments in technology that aren't realising their benefits 
  • Emerging technology trends that create uncertainty 

Give your leaders new skills and a changed mindset to:

  • Try new things without fear of failure
  • Drive change at a faster pace
  • Use 'design thinking'
  • Think big, start small, scale fast
  • Maximise technology opportunities
  • Get the most from your data
  • Empower your people to adapt
  • Create a collaborative culture

Driving digital change with AstraZeneca

We've worked with Astra Zeneca since 2016 to build a global learning academy designed to accelerate digital accountability across their Senior Leadership team, shift mindset and instill the confidence required to foster innovation across the organisation. Together, we've:

  • Upskilled 1,200 of their senior leaders to lead with a digital first mindset
  • Equipped over 300 managers, future leaders and functional specialists to innovate, experiment and use tech to improve business outcomes.
  • Built digital knowledge and data literacy across the wider organisation

“This programme was a great opportunity for me. I got to know a lot of new people from AZ, I feel safer dealing with new tech and media, I was shaken up to think about various things, many good and helpful tools that I can use for my daily work were introduced.”

A flexible learning experience which creates real change

We believe lasting behaviour change happens best when that behaviour starts shifting during the learning experience itself.  

Before your leaders embark on a connected learning experience with us, we work with you to: 

  • Align our aims to your organisational priorities 
  • Dial up or dial down elements of the programme to make sure it's relevant and has impact,.
  • Identify who will benefit the most from the programme 
  • Agree a timing and duration that works for you and your leaders
  • Identify ways to build on your existing organisational culture and values 
  • Make it easy for you to share the impact of the programme across your teams

Some of the areas we'll cover

  • Defining a new normal in digital  

  • Crafting adaptive customer personas  

  • Empathy and customer thinking  

  • Experimental mindsets – test and learn

  • Forming a lean minimum viable product (MVP) 

  • Continuous Innovation

Change through learning, in a way that works for you

  • Aligned to your priorities

    Dial up or down programme elements for relevance

  • The flexibility you need

    Change programme duration and timing

  • Impact that makes a difference to you

    Tangible outputs and lasting behaviour change

Speak to the team

Unlock a digital mindset and...

  • Create a culture to continually adapt
  • Realise your leaders' potential
  • Create lasting behavioural change
  • All fully virtual

What makes our learning unique?

Our connected learning experiences blend the best practices of virtual learning and digital assessment, using an ‘apply, reflect and discuss loop’ – a learning technique designed to ensure that learning lasts long after delivery. What's more, our programmes are flexible,  allowing you to mould a learning experience that works for you. 

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