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Agility Principles

A one-hour webinar designed to engage the wider business in Agile ways of working

  • Get your teams excited about applying Agile principles and ways of working​
  • Create a mutual understanding of Agile and how it can be applied in your context​
  • Set the stage for the next steps in your Agile transformation

What is Agility Principles?

Agility Principles is a 60-minute webinar that enables everyone in your organisation to:    

  • Understand the Agile Manifesto and dispel some common myths.
  • Identify some useful Agile principles that everyone can apply to the way they work.
  • Learn from examples of companies who’ve adopted Agile ways of working.

Who is the Agility Principles webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone within your organisation who is less familiar with Agile teams and ways of working.

What challenges will this webinar help solve?

If any of the below challenges sound familiar, Agility Principles could be right for your team.

  • Our customers are changing faster than we can keep up.
  • We are innovative, but only in isolated pockets.
  • We want to introduce Agile ways of working but everyone has a different take on Agile.​​