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Digital Business Modules

Build a digital culture for your entire organisation.

Understand and adapt to the digital landscape

Your company needs a digital culture at all levels if it wants to thrive. Our modules make learning fit into busy schedules, and every aspect is fun and interactive. Your teams will understand the key tenets of an agile, digital culture as they work through quick activities. Each module is 30-minutes long and packed with videos, interactions and quizzes designed to help them remember what they’ve learned.

What we’ll cover

Digital Imperative - This module explores today’s changing technology landscape and subsequent shift of customer expectations, and the implications these have for you and your organisation.

Customer Centricity - This module looks at customer centricity by investigating what it is, and explaining why you need to put it at the heart of your organisation in today’s digital world. It covers areas such as customer behaviours and needs and user-centered design.

Channels to Market - This module covers the non-linear, multi-touchpoint customer journey. It’ll explore the changing landscape, explain what an omni-channel approach is and why it’s so important, and look at the tools and techniques that drive conversion.

Unlocking Data - This module highlights the fact that all organisations of all sizes have untapped data resources that could be used to make better business decisions and create a competitive advantage. It explains how to source, store, process, and analyse data to help your organisation thrive.

Organisational Agility - This module covers the tricks of taking iterative steps with your customers to rapidly learn and continuously innovate. We’ll cover agile and lean methodologies and how you can start communicating, collaborating and working towards being a faster-moving and more effective organisation.

Digital Culture - This module covers perhaps the most important part of becoming a digital company: culture. Learn what digital culture actually is, how to adopt a digital mindset, and the steps, big and small, that you can take to start your company’s digital transformation.

How do I get started?

Choose the right people in your business to get to grips with digital for a year. We’ll run a launch webinar to kick-start them on the journey and send you a monthly progress report showing how engaged they are so you can keep track.

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