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FAQ: Avado Apprenticeships Transition

Avado Group has decided to exit its government-funded division to focus on its growing business lines of Professional Qualifications and AI Technology SaaS products. Avado will continue to support social impact for job seekers via its Fast Futures corporate-funded data and digital bootcamps. 

All training continued until 2nd August 2023, with Avado providing the necessary support. Avado is actively collaborating with the Department for Education (DfE) to facilitate further communications with employers and ensure a smooth transfer of existing learners to alternative providers, enabling learners to continue their learning journey after 2nd August 2023.  


Employers should follow the instructions provided directly by the DfE, including responding to the survey which was issued for distribution by the DfE on Thursday 13th July. This asked employers how they wish to proceed with employer transfers.  

 The deadline for completion was extended to the 2nd Aug 2023, If your employer has not received this communication please raise an enquiry directly with the ESFA who will be able to share a copy of the communication.  

 Enquires can be made using this email: AvadoApprenticeships.Limited@education.gov.uk  

There is no need for any changes to be made to the Apprenticeship Service Account at this time. Apprenticeships should only be stopped when a learner has completely withdrawn from their Apprenticeship. Please be assured that all learning delivery continued until the 2nd August 2023. 
Avado will process any withdrawals within our systems, which will enable employers to progress with creating new cohorts in the Apprenticeship Service Account for new training providers who will be onboarding learners in the future from the 3rd August 2023.

Post the 6th August, Avado will begin processing any withdrawals within our systems. This will facilitate employers in creating new cohorts in the Apprenticeship Service Account with new training providers who will be onboarding learners in the future. 
If you have opted to receive support from the Department for Education (DfE), they will assist you in locating a suitable training provider. The DfE will work directly with you and the selected training provider to facilitate the transfer of learners you wish to move. 
Alternatively, if you have chosen to manage the transfer independently, without DfE assistance, your chosen training provider will provide guidance on their onboarding process and the data required. 
Should you need Avado to provide data about your apprentice's progression, please submit an enquiry by selecting the option titled "Data Request".  
Enquires can be made using this from avadolearning.my.salesforce-sites.com/webtocase/  

Your apprentices can monitor their individual progress through their ePortfolio system, Bud. Access to Bud will remain available to apprentices beyond the 2nd August 2023, until Autumn 2026. Therefore, there is no immediate need for apprentices to download or export this data.  
Any new training provider will collaborate with each apprentice to review the information contained within their learner portfolio. This will help determine a new starting point on their variation of the programme. 

All Line managers of apprentices will have visibility of their learners’ progression data until Autumn 2023.

All learners entering the gateway in July 2023 will be supported through the completion of their EPA. Any resits or retakes scheduled for August 2023 onwards will need to be agreed between the employer and the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).  

For those apprentices enrolled in our HR Support Level 3, HR Consultant Business Partner Level 5, and L&D Consultant/Business Partner Level 5 apprenticeship programmes, your CIPD qualification can be transferred to another provider as part of your continuing apprenticeship programme, if the new training provider includes delivery of this professional qualification in their equivalent programme. In this scenario, our team at Avado is committed to providing you with the guidance and resources needed to ensure a smooth transfer of your professional qualification to a new apprenticeship provider. 

Alternatively, in the scenario that you/your employer wish to continue your CIPD professional qualification with Avado please communicate your wishes via the form below. Upon receipt of your written request, we will speak with your designated apprenticeship programme manager to ensure employer alignment. 

When submitting the form please ensure your select the options “Transfer of Apprenticeship” and your preference for the continuation of your professional qualification. https://avadolearning.my.salesforce-sites.com/webtocase/