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Data Capabilities: Why your business can't work without them

Data Capabilities: Why your business can't work without them
Tuesday 8th June at 1pm


Simon Baker

Director of Government and Public Services

Simon is part of the commercial leadership team at Avado. Having joined the business almost five years ago to establish and grow key regional private sector partnerships, he currently leads our Government & Public Services Division and has been working with numerous local and national public sector bodies to maximise the potential of data apprenticeships.

Peter Forrest

Lead Learning Strategist

Peter is the Lead Learning Strategist at Avado. He works on the design of a wide range of learning solutions, including our DA apprenticeship. His designs are underpinned by a need to deliver impactful learning, in a way that works for learners and clients. Before joining Avado, Peter led the team creating online and distance learning at a leading London university.

Lisa Andrews

Learning Delivery Manager

For the last 11 years, Lisa has worked across the industry in Talent and Development teams. She has managed various employer apprenticeship programmes, taking the lead on recruitment assessment, onboarding, coaching and development. Lisa has also trained delivery and EPA, supporting more than 300 apprentices to complete their apprenticeships.

In this webinar you'll learn:

How your data capability gap is affecting business performance
That apprenticeships are a way to create behaviour and mindset change
All about the new Data Analyst Apprenticeship changes

Did you know that lots of industries and businesses are prioritising building their data capabilities?  

In our recent Beyond Skills research, more than a quarter of respondents said that becoming data-driven was a priority for them.  

Join us for our webinar, where we’ll be looking at the importance of data capabilities for your organisation and how essential they are for your business performance. We'll also delve into ways to solve your data capability gap; particularly our Data Analyst Apprenticeships. 

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