Beyond Skills Report: Why the time to tackle the capability gap is now

More than 3/5 of business leaders agree that the events of 2020 have widened the capabilities gaps in their businesses. Our report breaks this down, and more.

In our report, you’ll learn:

What different sectors prioritised through 2020
How businesses are (and are not) investing in their futures
How professional training is connected to business success
What the past year has taught us about the skills gap

Foreword by Mark Creighton, CEO of Avado

Mark CreightonConversations about the skills gap are unproductive, and the past year’s events have only made the situation worse. We’re now at a point where the terms ‘skills gap’ only scratches the surface. It would be more accurate to call it a capability chasm.

We wanted to assess that capability chasm across a spectrum of industries, and map how this compared to attitudes around learning and development. This is the focus of our Beyond Skills report – how the conversation will move beyond skills and towards an understanding of the importance of capabilities as the global economy recovers.

Avado Training Budget Insight

Additional insights from Miatta Fahnbulleh, Chief Executive at the New Economics Foundation

Miatta FahnbullehBehind the headline numbers over the past year are the stories of millions of businesses that have faced massive challenges in a tumultuous time. Businesses of every size and from every sector have been forced to adapt at pace, to innovate, to show agility and to remain resilient in the face of huge uncertainty.

In this fast-moving and deeply challenging period, the capabilities that have built up within businesses are critical. As the economy begins to open up and recover, plugging the capability chasm will be key to productivity and growth. But we must go beyond this. To succeed in a future of profound change, we will need a capabilities revolution.