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From software development to network engineering, data science to accountancy, AVADO offer a variety of BT apprenticeships at a range of different levels. Whatever your experience or prior learning, there will be a BT apprenticeship ready to help you start or progress your career. Vacancies aren’t available all year round so be sure to enquire now or use our Find An Apprenticeship tool to see what apprenticeships are available.

How long does a BT apprenticeship last?

BT apprenticeships last anywhere between 15 and 36 months. As you’d expect, the longer the apprenticeship, the higher the level. While each apprenticeship will take slightly different amounts of time to complete, the following figures indicate how long you can expect your BT apprenticeship to last:

  • Level 3 BT Apprenticeship: 15 months
  • Level 4 BT Apprenticeship: 18 months
  • Level 5 BT Apprenticeship: 18 months
  • Level 7 BT Apprenticeship: 36 months

Level 3 BT apprenticeships don’t feature much classroom study – it’s more about building your skills on-site while you study the basic theories via online webinars. For Level 4 and 5 apprenticeships with BT, you can expect to be in the classroom for between 15 to 30 days. This is split over the duration of your training and ensures you spend most of your time learning within the workplace. Level 7 BT apprenticeships feature the most classroom study – around 78 days, approximately one day per week.

Whichever level is most suitable, you can be confident that most of your time will be spent with the employer rather than in an academic environment.  This allows you to learn skills for the role in a real-world environment, under the expert instruction of those who work within your field on a day-to-day basis.

How much do BT apprenticeships pay?

The level of pay you can expect from a BT apprenticeship will depend on your age, the level of qualification you complete and the amount of responsibility that comes with the role. Of course, all apprenticeships with BT are, at minimum, in line with UK apprentice minimum wage rates – and most often, they exceed these rates.

The average pay for a BT apprenticeship according to Indeed is £14,000 per year. Generally speaking, the first year of your apprenticeship will be the lowest paid, especially if you’re under 19. However, as you progress through your training, you can expect to be paid more.

Most important, the apprentice minimum wage rate – £3.90 / hr – is only valid for those aged under 19 and those completing their first year. Once you are 19 and above and in your second year it is required that you are paid the national minimum wage rate for your age. But as mentioned earlier, BT apprenticeships most often pay beyond these figures.

BT Degree Apprenticeships

BT degree apprenticeships offer those who are already experienced within their field to continue their professional development to degree standard, without the need for taking a career break.

Degree apprenticeships are taught at levels 6 and 7. The BT degree apprenticeship powered by AVADO are typically in Data Science or Accounting. For these, you’ll gain £21,000 of funding to complete the training, making them a great alternative to university where you’d have to fund that money yourself.

BT Higher Apprenticeships

If you’re not quite yet ready for a degree apprenticeship with BT, you can complete a higher apprenticeship instead. These include level 4 and 5 apprenticeships and can be a perfect stepping stone to more advanced roles.

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