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Data & AI Bootcamps

Turbo charge productivity by automating manual tasks. Discover our data and AI bootcamps, and boost your company’s data literacy.

Our Data and AI Bootcamps

Data Analyst (Fundamentals) Bootcamp

An intensive immersion in analytics and visualisation, designed to increase data literacy and create robust foundations for deeper learning. Gain skills in

  • Data, statistics, descriptive and exploratory analysis, data cleansing, linear regression
  • Preparing, cleaning and exploring data using Power Query and Power BI
  • Creating reports in Power BI, Databases and the cloud, Tim series analysis
  • Storytelling using enhanced Power BI reports and dashboards, working with AI visuals

Data Analyst (Advanced) Bootcamp

Rapid immersion designed to deliver critical skills in machine learning and automation fast. Focussing on core programming language, Python. Gain skills in

  • Data intro, prepare, clean and explore data
  • Data analysis with SQL
  • Cloud computing, software development, Agile, JIRA, Git, Python introduction
  • Timeseries analysis, analytical techniques, forecasting with Python, import/export data, data manipulation, statistical reports
  • Becoming a Python practitioner
  • AI, Machine Learning in Python