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A Guide To Post GCSE Apprenticeships

Post Gcse Apprenticeships

If you’re not sure that sixth form or college is the route for you, there are alternative things you can do instead of A levels. One of the main options is looking into jobs after GCSEs. For example, if you want to start building your career at 16, you can start applying for post GCSE apprenticeships. We look at what these apprenticeships involve and how you can apply.

What are post GCSE apprenticeships?

As the name suggests, post GCSE apprenticeships are apprenticeships you can apply for after completing your GCSEs. These are also known as Level 3, or advanced, apprenticeships and once completed are equivalent to 2 A level passes. As these are apprenticeships, they’re a little different to a regular job and will involve some training or study time. However, you are still paid during this time. As of April 2018, according to gov.uk, the national minimum wage for apprentices under 19 years old is £3.70 per hour. That being said, this is the minimum and you could earn a lot more. The 2016 Apprenticeship Pay Survey estimated the average hourly pay received by level 3 apprentices in the UK was £6.70. An advanced apprenticeship is usually studied for 2 years but can be longer or shorter depending on your course. During this time your average week will be split between on the job training and study time which may be in a college.

What are examples of jobs after GCSEs?

Apprenticeships are traditionally associated with vocational subjects, such as construction or mechanics. However, there is a much wider field of career options available, including business, law and marketing. For examples of various apprenticeships, browse the latest post GCSE jobs on Arch Apprenticeships.

How to apply for jobs for GCSE leavers 

Apprenticeships can be applied to online. As well as Arch Apprenticeships, other useful websites for applications include Ucas, Gov.uk, and Not Going to Uni. For entry requirements for an advanced apprenticeship, you’re likely to be asked to have three or more GCSEs between A*-C. However, this varies by industry and some may prioritise work experience over qualifications. 

Does it matter if I don’t have many GCSEs?

As the name suggests, these post GSCE jobs usually require at least three GCSEs. However, it’s always advised to check with the course you’re interested in, as different industries can require different entry requirements. If you’re struggling with your grades there are other options. Instead of applying to a level 3 apprenticeship, which is equivalent to 2 A level passes, there is an intermediate level 2 apprenticeship which requires no formal qualifications. Upon completion, which usually takes 1 year to 18 months, you can then advance to a level 3 apprenticeship. Browse the latest apprenticeships and jobs after GCSEs on Arch Apprenticeships.

Stephanie Khan

Posted February 14, 2019