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AVADO and Tableau

Since 2018, AVADO & Tableau have been on a mission to transform the global workforce. Combining AVADO's 20 years of learning experience with Tableau's data ingenuity, our Data Academy builds data cultures within organisations. 

Data drives what we do at work, how we relax and it helps to direct what kind of decisions we make throughout life. Because of this core truth, we can say that data analytics will become ubiquitous — but having all the data and analytics in the world available to us is not enough unless we can develop a ‘data culture’ where we embrace its use [democratically and holistically]
Adam Selipsky

CEO, Tableau

  • 23x

    more likely to outperform

  • 8%

    increase in profit

  • 30%

    growth each year

Taking aim at the data literacy gap

Despite the benefits of being data-driven well known, many businesses are lingering on their data literacy. By 2020, 50% of organisations will lack AI and data literacy skills that achieve business value. Businesses can't afford to restrict data skills to specific teams, especially when 40% of security breaches are caused by employees.

Tableau see customers struggling to get their wider business 

AVADO understand that taking on your workforce's data literacy is a mammoth task; Tableau see their customers struggling  That's why