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Simple steps and simple tech: Ways to make your team more efficient

Simple steps and simple tech: Ways to make your team more efficient
Thursday 4th March at 1pm GMT
Live on Zoom

Webinar Speakers:

Declan Curry

Journalist & Speaker, previous Business Presenter at the BBC

Journalist, speaker and conference chair Declan Curry was one of the BBC's most recognisable business presenters and is an accomplished after dinner and keynote speaker, conference facilitator and awards host. He will be hosting our final episode of the series!

Tanya Bagchi

Group People Development Director at Legal & General

Tanya is Group People Development Director at Legal & General. She is an organisational inventor with experience working across a range of industries and in large complex organisations, both as an internal leader and as an executive consultant, with roles at organisations such What If Innovation, Deloitte and KPMG.

Francesc Artigas

Head of Solutions Engineering and Consulting, EMEA, at Asana

Francesc Artigas is the Head of Solutions Engineering and Consulting, EMEA, at Asana. He is adept at assisting organisations to realise their business transformations, such as the move to the cloud, streamlining collaboration and productivity or cultural shift through tech.

Mike Fenna

Chief Technology Officer at Avado

Mike is the Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive for Avado. Prior to joining Avado in 2018, Mike spent 6 years in the insurance industry, and 12 years working for large technology companies, including Microsoft and IBM.

Hosted in partnership with Asana

Hosted in partnership with Asana

Asana is a leading work management platform that's pioneering the future of work. Over 89,000 organizations and millions of customers around the world rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives, to digital transformations to product launches and marketing campaigns.

At Avado, we use Asana every day to boost our own organisational agility. Like us, they are experts in agility solutions, and that makes them an ideal partner for this webinar series.

In this webinar you'll learn:

How to think big but start small in order to scale
How data and technology can enable greater agility (but shouldn't be the solution)
Find out when to use a 'test, learn and iterate' approach
Real business examples of organisations becoming more agile

Many organisations are seeking greater agility to help them be more efficient. Using data and technology better is part of the answer. But too often the pace of transformation towards organisational agility is slowed waiting for large-scale data infrastructure or technology implementations. There is a faster way. Think big but then start small to scale fast. 

In this webinar we’ll be sharing stories and discussing simple ways to start being more agile by trying something small, whether that’s finding ways to generating fresh data quickly to inform your next step or using technology in simple but effective ways. 

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