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Identifying the marketing capabilities that drive business impact

Join us for a bespoke workshop that will focus on how your organisation can build impactful marketing capabilities to drive your business' potential.
Thursday 13th May at 12 - 1pm
Zoom meeting

Workshop Facilitator:

Colin Smith

Facilitator & Consultant

Colin is an experienced facilitator and consultant in digital transformation, with over 30 yrs experience in the world of marketing, digital media and technology. For the last 11 years, he has designed and facilitated learning programmes internationally. He is a principal facilitator of the Google Digital Academy programme and a regular expert speaker for Squared Online.

Join us for an engaging session where we’ll be showcasing how some of the most advanced organisations have already achieved success through advancing their marketing capabilities. We’ll walk through the influential behaviours, a maturity scale used to identify your current marketing capability and how to develop these even further to maximise your business potential. 

In this workshop you'll learn:

How behaviours in the marketing team are essential for business success
The importance of the digital marketing maturity scale and the impact of this on your business
Evaluate your organisation's maturity and behaviours at scale
How Avado's products could help you to unleash your business potential

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