Investing in women: challenging the norms around women’s learning

Investing in women: challenging the norms around women’s learning
Tuesday 30th March at 1pm GMT
Live on Zoom

Webinar Speakers:

Amy Crawford

Chief Operating Officer

Amy is an experienced Executive director in a fast-paced high growth business. She is incredibly excited to be hosting our International Women's Day event later this month to discuss the gender inequalities within learning and the workplace.

Dani Saadu

Global Director of People Development

Dani is a senior, global talent, people development professional with a proven track record in developing global people development strategy, designing and implementing global development programmes and interventions. Dani is looking forward to talking from the heart and providing perspective and examples from within Collinson.

Kirstie Mackey OBE

Managing Director of Citizenship & Consumer Affairs

Kirstie is responsible for driving citizenship throughout Barclays UK, which comprises UK retail banking, consumer credit cards, wealth and business banking. In 2020, Kirstie was awarded an OBE for her services to young people and financial services.

Samantha O'Gabriel

FastFutures Learner

Samantha is an experienced finance apprentice with knowledge of various functions of finance. Sammy is looking forward to sharing her views about why women’s learning & development aren’t being invested in as well as her hopes on how that can change.

Annabel Anscomb

Modern Languages Final Year

Annabel is a languages student eager to learn about different people, languages and cultures. She recently completed Avado's FastFutures programme and is really excited to discuss investment in women in all fields of work and looks forward to contributing to this positive discussion and change.

We'll be chatting about:

Why women receive less investment for at-work training
How women can feel empowered to demand the learning and skills they need
Our own learner data - why there is an imbalance in the roles and industries women are developing in
How women can break into different career routes

Avado people showing their support for this year's #IWD by raising their hands

Women are spending less on their own development and progression compared to men. But not only are women not investing in themselves, neither are their employers. A recent survey showed that employers spent 10% less on training for women. Here at Avado, we are choosing to challenge why women are opting more for free courses 

Our own learner data shows we have more women enrolled on HR and Marketing courses as opposed to more technical courses despite there being a big demand for these skills.  

Join us for a panel discussion where we’ll be delving into the data and discussing how women can feel empowered to ask their employers for paid learning and demand the skills they require in their role. 

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