Avado Webinar Series New

Data Analyst Community: Launch Event 🚀

Tuesday 13th July at 1pm


Simon McCaskill

Data Speaker and Facilitator

Simon is a learning designer, facilitator and speaker specialising in Data and Digital Marketing. His enthusiasm for both the subject and professional development shines as he is constantly challenging the learning process and exploring new ways in which to bring a subject to life whether that be in a face-to-face or virtual environment.

John Pritchard

Director & Co-Founder

John has over 20 years’ experience of apprenticeships and as a consultant focuses on helping businesses understand, implement, train and look at future digital skills across a range of specialisms and sectors. As the Director of Accelerate People, he oversees the organisations direction and provision of EPA, maintaining external relationships to inform the strategic direction of the business.

In this session, we will:

Cover what's involved in your End-Point Assessment
Help you prepare your evidence and maximise opportunities during your interview
Meet fellow data analyst learners and managers from the Public Sector

Introducing our brand new data community for the Public Sector! We are super excited to bring together our learners and managers to expand your knowledge, and drive better collaboration across the sector.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn, meet like-minded people and share any questions or concerns.

Join us for our very first event where we'll be helping you to excel in your apprenticeship and End-Point Assessment. Designed to get you ahead, we’ll be providing you with a deeper understanding of the EPA, what’s involved, how to prepare your evidence and maximise the opportunities during your interview.

To break the ice, we want YOU to help us decide on the name for our Data Community… get creative! You can add in your suggestions in the form to the right.

What makes learning with us so special?

Our connected learning experiences blend the best practices of virtual learning and digital assessment. We use the 'apply, reflect and discuss loop.' This is a learning technique designed to ensure that learning lasts long after delivery. That means, after your course you'll understand how to apply your learning in real life. What's more, our programmes are flexible, allowing you to mould a learning experience that works for you.